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The National Registration Database (NRD) is an electronic database containing registration information for dealers, underwriters, advisers and individuals registered under securities and commodity futures legislation in Canada. NRD is also a system used by applicants and registrants to electronically submit certain applications, notices and other registration information to securities regulatory authorities and self-regulatory organizations. The database and the system used to electronically submit registration information are accessed using the NRD Web site ( Standard NRD system operating hours are 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. (Eastern Time).


FAQs: Technical

What browsers does NRD support?


How can I contact the help desk or get some assistance?



As a public user, what functionality am I entitled to use?






FAQs: Business

Why do we need the National Registration Database (NRD)?


How do I register my firm with the applicable securities commissions and apply for membership in the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization?


What will NRD do for firms?

How do I enrol my firm to use NRD?


Can members of the public use NRD to find out information about their dealers?




User Guide

To view the reference guides on a selection of NRD submissions or the complete NRD User Guide, click the following link:




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